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ROI Influencer media
ROI Influencer media
ROI Influencer media
ROI Influencer media
ROI Influencer media

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ROI Influencer Media is the leading media solution for Influencer Marketing. Fortune 1000 brand marketers utilize our Influencers with the greatest reach and engaged audiences on the top social media platforms.

This top talent creates custom branded content and posts, with ROI Influencer Media providing additional advanced data and technology to provide the greatest, trackable return on investment.


Real-time analytics for social campaign tracking

ROI Influencer Media offers breakthrough Predict technology, providing deep data on real audience engagement. Influencer campaigns include tracking Total Viewed Impressions, Video Views, Likes, Shares, Retweets, Site Visits, Amplification and Conversions.

Content creation and social media posting amplification

Utilize top talent to create the most engaging custom branded content across the leading social platforms and the brand’s own sites and social media pages. We also build custom audience profiles using Predict technology for the extension and targeting of media campaigns.

Format existing brand assets for Influencer social channels

Influencers can promote existing brand assets, including banners and video, for the most impactful delivery of digital ad campaigns.

Highly customized, targeted, large-reach media plans

Focusing on Influencers with the largest social reach and engaged audiences, ROI Influencer Media provides the greatest campaign impact and return on investments.

The ROI Influencer Media team is comprised of industry leaders with a track record of success in Data, Technology, Social Media and Influencer Marketing.

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